Hi Everyone, A long time ago I ran a G.U.R.P.S. (goodness those periods are annoying to type) game in my forums at http://www.boojumbunny.com. I’ve been thinking of running A game and got a request from one of my players (Melchar) to pick up this game again. Since the game was last run, however, the GURPS (no I’m not typing the periods again) system has been revised to 4th edition. This has some advantages and some disadvantages. After considering the advantages and disadvantages of the new system I have decided to pick up the game again as a 4th edition game. I am going to take the current characters and update them, making them X point characters with 40pt of disad and 5pt of quirks. I will make these changes so that the characters have the same effectiveness and powers regardless of the points. Then I will assign points to the lower pointed characters to bring them up to the value of the highest point character. Thus if the characters end up being 200pt, 175pt, 103pt the 200pt will remain the same, the 175pt will get 25 points to spend on their character, and the 103pt will get a whopping 93 points to spend on their character (no, these aren’t the actual values, I’m just making them up off the top of my head to illustrate my plans.) Similarily, I am going to rebuild my monsters under the new rules, which is why I’m ballancing things the way I am. In a point based system, characters of equal points are considered to be roughly as effective. It wouldn’t be fair to the people who bought up their skills to suddenly bump up the half point skills of another character to full points (so that they are now higher pointed) nor would it be fair to the people who used half points for their skills to wipe out half of their skills so that they are equal in points but their character concept is ruined. Characters will get no value for disads beyond the 40pt limit, though they may take them.. of course. Players can use this Reboot as an opportunity to remove some zero point disads (or buy off some disads) if they choose. Please contact me with any changes you would like to make. Boojum the brown bunny
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